Parent Reminders

Office: (509) 222-6400   Attendance: (509) 222-6402

A few reminders below

  • School begins at 8:40 a.m. – first bell rings at 8:35 a.m.
  • Please call the Attendance Line 222-6402 when your child is absent from school.
  • All students must Check In and Out of the Office during the day. The Office will CALL your student when you arrive! Please plan accordingly.
  • Homework requests – Please be advised that homework will be sent the following day.
  • The East loop is for BUSES ONLY; the front of the school is for Parent Pick Up/Drop Off AND Buses! Please be aware of Buses and NO PARKING in the loop!!
  • Volunteer Applications MUST be completed yearly. These are available online or in the Main Office. Please complete prior to a field trip, being a classroom helper and/or PTO Volunteer Opportunities. Processing takes approximately one week.
  • We cannot have any medication, prescription and/or over the counter without a medication at school form filled out by your physician yearly! This includes cough drops.
  • Parents are welcome to have lunch with their students. Please only eat in the Cafeteria, hallway tables are for classroom use ONLY!